John has several different drum clinics available for school, in-store or concert performances:

"McColgan Plays Zappa"

This newest clinic is based on the music and drumming of Frank Zappa; specifically the music released during the mid to late 1970's, including The Black Page. It is set up in a 'play along' format, with John performing along to several songs from the era, as well dissecting and analyzing the rhythms and drumming styles of 4 of Zappa's drummers, Ralph Humphrey, Chester Thompson, Terry Bozzio and Vinnie Colaiuta. John also explains many of the rhythmic mysteries of "The Black Page" and other songs from Zappa's ouvre...
The clinic can run between 45 minutes up to an hour and a half, and also includes original music; written, recorded, mixed, and with all instruments played by John!


"From the Blues to The Black Page"

The focus of this clinic is on the contrast between the seemingly simple drumming involved in blues and roots music as opposed to the extreme rhythmic complexity of the Frank Zappa composition, “The Black Page”. John demonstrates how learning to play both styles of music requires a great degree of discipline, understanding and appreciation.

"Groove and Technique"

This clinic is based on John's teaching method, involving demonstration of fundamentals and rudiments and the application of technique for both soloing and groove playing. It includes a drum solo, as well as a part devoted to groove and playing musical styles, featuring renowned Nashville bass player Tim "Heavy T" Loftin.

"Two Trios"

This clinic is set up for performance mostly, with three other musicians involved: local guitar legend Jimmy James, award winning roots music musician Michael Jerome Browne, and bass player Carl Rufh. The idea is to show the contrast and depth of understanding that John has developed in both the simplest forms of roots and blues music as opposed to the extreme improvisation and extended jamming associated with the Jimi Hendrix-influenced style of the Jimmy James Band.

For information on booking please contact John via the email link.