49.  Mama's Broke
'Count the Wicked' *
(* Canadian folk music award winner)
Independant 2017
48. Durham County Poets
'Grimshaw Road'
Independant 2017
47.  Isabel Belina
'Le Vent Ecrit mes Chansons' Independant 2016
46. Isabel Belina
'Boy and the River'
(children's CD)
Independant 2016
45. BluesReel
'Riverfield' Independant 2016
44. No Family
'Keep my Devil Down' Independant 2015
43. Grouyan Gombo
'Pooyie' Independant 2015
42. Sherman and Lee
'Lost and Found' Independant 2014
41. Durham County Poets
'Chikkaboodha Stew' Independant 2014
40. Justin Saladino Band
EP: 'The Naked Robbers' Independant 2012
39. Justin Saladino Band
EP: 'Sometimes Called the Blues' Independant 2012
38. Durham County Poets
'Where the River Flows' Independant 2012
37. No Family
'No Family' Independent 2011
36. Michael Jerome Browne 'The Road is Dark’ Borealis 2011
35. Jimmy James 'Into the Blue' Independent 2011
34. Michael Jerome Browne 'This Beautiful Mess' Borealis 2008
33. Michael Jerome Browne 'Double' Borealis 2007
32. Susie Arioli ‘Learn To Smile Again’  Justin Time 2005
31. Kate and Anna McGarrigle
(With Emmylou Harris,
Rufus and Martha Wainwright)
‘The McGarrigle Christmas  Hour’ Nonesuch records 2005
30. Kate and Anna McGarrigle 'La Vache Qui Pleure' les Disques de la Tribu 2003
29. Nancy Dumais 'Le Nombril' Universal 2001
28. Michael Jerome Browne 'Drive On'  Borealis 2001
27. Jean Pierre Ferland ‘Live’      GSI Musique 2001
26. Jet Set Satellite ‘Blueprint’ Nettwerk Productions 2000
25. Craig Morrison ‘Rocket Radio' 7 Nights Music 2000 
24. Steel Rail ‘The Road Less Travelled’ Independent 1999
23. Norma Waterson
(Featuring Richard Thompson)
‘The Very Thought Of  You'   Rykodisk 1999
22. Jean-Pierre Ferland  ‘L’amour C’est De L’Ouvrage’    GSI Musique 1999
21. Nobody You Know 'Nobody You Know'     Independent 1998
20. The Stephen Barry Band ‘The Gold record'   Les Disques Bros 1998
19. Danielle Martineau ‘Accordelidon’ (Childrens)  Tournedisque Records 1998
18. Kate and Anna McGarrigle
(With Emmylou Harris.
Linda Ronstadt and Loudon Wainwright)
‘The McGarrigle Hour' *
(* Juno award winner) 
Rykodisk 1998
17. Penny Lang ‘Penny Lang And Friends’  Shewolf Records 1998
16. Emmylou Harris
(various artists tribute album)
‘Tammy Wynette Remembered’   Asylum records 1998
15. Michael Jerome Browne ‘Michael Jerome Browne’  Les Disques Bros 1998
14. Vann ‘Piano Man’ Walls ‘In the Evening’ Les Disques Bros 1997
13. Gogh Van Go ‘Bliss Station’ Audiogram Records 1996
12. Ray Bonneville ‘Solid Ground’ Audiogram Records 1996
11. The Stephen Barry Band ‘Happy Man’ Les Disques Bros 1995
10. The Stephen Barry Band   ‘Here on the Highway’ Les Disques Bros 1994
9. Leandre ‘Libre’ Audiogram Records 1994
8. Ray Bonneville ‘On the Main’ Electric Desert Records 1993
7. Rene Simard ‘E=MC2’ Guy Cloutier Productions 1993
6. Gogh Van Go   ‘Gogh Van Go’ *
(*Juno award winner)
Audiogram Records 1993
5. The Stephen Barry Band ‘Blues Under A Full Moon’ Les Disques Bros 1990
4. Michel Pagliaro ‘Sous Peine D’ Amour’ Audiogram Records 1988
3. Michel Pagliaro ‘Dangereaux/Les bombes’
  (also on CD compilation, ‘Hit Parade’- Audiogram Records)
Alert records  1987
2. Blues Bianco ‘Hard To Get By’ Stichting pop Nederlands 1986
1. Eddie C. Campbell ‘Mind Trouble’ Stichting pop Nederlands 1986