Production reviews:
 Durham County Poets-   Montreal blues society

Teaching testimonials:
"Our son started lessons with John when he was 7 years old. Now almost 16, his passion and talent have only grown, in large part due to John’s solid, encouraging and learn-at-your-pace teaching. John is a talented musician and teacher, as well as a great person. In short: he rocks!"
(Andrea Shepard)

"John's teaching style combines the right amount of technical practice and  playing songs. He keeps its fun while also educational, letting students use what they've learned in actual musical situations."
(Steven Labute)

Book reviews:
"...I think your book is outstanding! There are many books that show "what" to play. The next level up is a book that not only shows what to play but also explains "how". Your book not only does both "what & how",  but most important,  it explains "why and when".  You obviously put a lot of time, energy and thought into your book. Great work and congrats!!!"

Alan Schechner- drummer, author," "The Art Of Transcribing-Drum Set Book One"