Equipment list:

This set up and the list below represent what John uses for clinics and under specific musical situations. "Gig to gig it is all about what is needed, what the music requires; or what i am prepared to carry out to the van..."

Pearl MHX Masters Mahogany Classics
6.5"x14" snare (w/ burled mahogany finish)
8"x8" tom
10"x10" tom
10"x12" tom
12"x14" tom
14"x16" tom
16"x22" kick drum
12.5" "Elite" oak djembe in natural finish
7"and 9" "Elite" oak bongos in natural finish
13" "Primero" brass timbale (not pictured)
14"x5" Phosphor Bronze snare drum (not pictured)

All Pearl including:
Icon rack
Powershifter pedal
various stands, arms, etc...

14" AA thin crash
15" AA thin crash
16" signature "Virgil Donati saturation crash"
17" AA medium thin crash
20" AA medium heavy ride
18" AAX china
8"  AA splash
10" HH splash
14" regular hi-hats
12" AA mini hats
6" splash (not pictured)
18" AA medium thin crash (not pictured)
17" AAX x-plosion crash (not pictured)

20 year old LP cowbell
LP "Jamblock" (red)
Various shakers, tambourine, etc.