A full production, recording and mixing studio, in the comfort of John's home...
Professional microphones and pre-amps, and digital recording using Logic Pro Audio software. Acoustic and electronic drums, guitars and basses available. Mixing done on site using the latest professional plug-ins, and KRK Rokit 8 studio monitors.
Gear is one one thing, and atmosphere is another...
First of all, a relaxed and comfortable homey space to create a sense of calm and focus is crucial to succesful recording. Walk in off the street and dissolve into the creative process.
John's years of experience as a session musician lend a sense of confidence to the musicians during the recording process, and allow performers to feel at home and in the moment. 
Here is a partial list of artists/musicians who have recorded at JMC:
Michael Jerome Browne
Justin Saladino
Joel Zifkin
Catherine Planet
Jean-Francoic Lizotte
Amy Keeler
No Family