Currently looking for new students! John is seeking out new students of all levels...
"I would love to do some work with more accomplished drummers, as well as beginners..Who is ready for the hard stuff? Odd meters...odd subdivision...? Looking forward to hearing from you."
John is giving private drum lessons in Montreal weekday afternoons and evenings, and has been teaching regularly for about 12 years. In this time he has developed a method based on the importance of fundamentals and musicality.  He presently has between 10 and 15 students weekly, but there is always room for more. He works  from his book, “Groove and Technique”, but is also familiar with other established drum books and methods.

By virtue of his many different musical experiences, John is able to instruct in the roots of contemporary music, in such styles as blues, R&B, funk, jazz and even folk music. This gives the student an incredible insight in to the fundamentals of drumming. His teaching method includes giving the students time playing with actual songs, both of his choices as well as the student's, and as well actually playing along with John who accompanies on both guitar and bass.

He teaches from his home studio JMC in the Mile End area of Montreal, where he has established a teaching technique and tools to allow the students to both play along to pre-recorded music as well as jamming live with John on guitar or bass.
"I have found that by working on the functional musical aspect of drumming directly using songs, song structure and dynamics, i am able to get to the heart of what drumming is about very efficiently. This allows students an instant sense of context to relate their drumming to."
To book a time for drum lessons or for more info, you may contact him directly via the email link.

To see an example of his teaching method click on the Groove and Technique link above, and for a look at the dvd go to the videos page.