The latest chapter in John McColgan’s musical career started in 2010/11 with musical and compositional experiments in Garage band, which led to learning, and working with, Logic Pro audio software.

In 2011, he began work recording and producing the debut CD of local blues and roots group, The Durham County Poets, followed by a CD for folk group No Family. Later that year also saw him working in a completely different style, producing recordings by The Justin Saladino Trio, in the blues-rock vein. In 2014 he produced, recorded, mixed and provided drumming for the critically acclaimed sophomore CD by the Durham County Poets, “Chikkaboodah Stew”.

He has since become a sought-after producer and engineer, now putting his years of experience as a session drummer to use on the “other side of the glass”. Working both in his home studio ( JMC Studio) and at other studios in and around Montreal, John has completed work on CD’s by; Grouyan Gombo, BluesReel, No Family, Isabel Belina, Sherman & Lee and others. Currently, he is working on his 3rd CD with The Durham County Poets, as well as having released a CD of his own, called “Johnny’s Scrap”.

“Working with other musicians, producing artists, as well as recording and mixing, has given me the opportunity to be creative, on a whole new level. I look forward to building on the knowledge I’ve acquired and working in as many genres of music as I can. It is something I have wanted to do for over 15 years now, and it is a true joy to be able to work and create in this way”..

Here are examples of recording projects John has been involved in:

Isabel Belina                             ‘The Boy and the River’                        Independent       2016
BluesReel                                 ‘Riverfield’                                              Independent       2015
No Family                                 ‘Keep My Devil Down’                           Independent       2015
Grouyan Gombo                       ‘Pooyie’                                                  Independent       2015
Sherman and Lee                     ‘Lost and Found’                                   Independent       2014
Durham County Poets             ‘Chikkaboudha Stew                             Independent       2014
Justin Saladino Band              ‘Sometimes Called the Blues’              Independent       2012
Justin Saladino Band              ‘The Naked Robbers’                             Independent       2012
Durham County Poets             ‘Where the River Flows’                        Independent       2012
No Family                                 ‘No Family’                                             Independent       2011