• Solodrum Studio
    This is the studio/rehearsal hall where i teach. There are private rooms for drummers to practice, as well as fully equipped band rooms.

  • Pearl Drums
    Have a look at what Pearl drums has to offer. I have been using Pearl for my whole career, and have always loved the sound.

  • Sabian Cymbals
    The home of some of the best cymbals on the market today.

  • HeadHunters Drumsticks
    ​​​A fantastic selection of sticks, brushes, mallets, bundles and hybrids. John is back as an endorsee of this company and very happy.

  • Drummerworld
    This is one of my favorite sites; a feast for the eyes and ears.

  • Michael Jerome Browne
    This is the homepage of one of the premier blues and roots artists in Canada today. Also a friend with whom i have been performing and recording for about 20 years.

  • Jimmy James
    My old friend Jimmy James. We have started gigging together again after many years, including our original bass player Carl Rufh.